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Apply for the engineering card

All persons that hold an engineering degree from an officially recognized tertiary German institution can apply for the engineerING card. In case you hold an engineering degree from a university outside of Germany, please refer to FEANI for further information on applying for the engineerING card.

Required Documents

The following documents are required in the electronic version for the application:

  • Final diploma, transcript of records and where applicable, Diploma Supplement
  • Where applicable, job references
  • Where applicable, certificates on further education measures
  • Where applicable, member ID of an umbrella association
  • Photo
  • Scanned signature

Costs and Validity

The review of the minimum requirements for the application of the engineerING card is subject to a fee, which amounts to €95,- for members and €120,- for non-members of the responsible bodies. The fee is charged irrespective of the outcome of the review.

Updates are free for members, for non-members of the responsible bodies €20,- will be charged for each update. Changes to personal and address data are free of charge and possible at any time.

The price for a new card is €50,- for members of the responsible bodies, for non-members €110,- .

The engineering card has at present a validity period of 10 years.


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