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All persons that hold an engineering degree from an officially recognized tertiary German institution can apply for the engineerING card. In case you hold an engineering degree from a university outside of Germany, please refer to FEANI for further information on applying for the engineerING card.

Recognised Degree Programmes

To determine the thematic orientation of an engineering degree programme and against the background of the international recognition, characteristics of the EUR-ACE® Framework Standards as well as the subject-specific requirements defined by FEANI are considered.
To facilitate recognition, a list of accepted engineering degree programmes is in place, which is continuously maintained and updated by the register committee. Degree programmes that are included in the list already are automatically accepted when examining application documents. All other degree programmes are examined individually by the register committee. The list of accepted degree programmes is, however, extended continuously.

The following degree programmes were examined already and are recognized as engineering degrees.

Degree programmes that are not on the list will be examined by the register committee on application.

Recognition of Professional Experience

Professional experience (“B”) is not a requirement for the attainment of the engineering card. Graduates without professional experience may obtain the engineering card. Requirement for the documentation of category B, however, is the successful assignment to Category A.

Applicants must submit a job reference from the employer and, where applicable, a certificate.

There are three categories:

  • B1 Employed in private sector
  • B2 Employed in public sector
  • B3 Self-employed

Requirement for the assignment of professional experiences on the engineering card is the proof of at least two years of accumulated professional experience in any of the categories.

Recognition of Continuous Professional Development (CPD)

CPD related documents are not required for obtaining the Engineering Card but can be submitted by the applicant. CPD may cover technical, interdisciplinary and cross-subject topics. All technical and cross-subject qualification measures serving to maintain and develop the engineering competence are recognised as CPD. In-house provision may also be recognised.

There are three categories:

  • C1 Specialist training/seminars non-technical contents (all) or technical contents (simple attendance certificate)
  • C2 Specialist training/seminars with technical/engineering contents and certificate of performance (examination)
  • C3 Specialist training/seminars where an engineering degree is a prerequisite for participation (examination and certificate)

Requirement for the documentation of C1 on the Engineering Card is the proof of at least three CPD trainings or seminars.