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I am not eligible to apply for the engineerING card in Germany. How can I find out which issuing authority is in charge for my application?

Please refer to FEANI for further information on the engineerING card in your country.

What are the application costs for the engineerING card?

The application of the engineerING card involves costs for the review of minimum requirements which amount to 95 Euros for members and 120 Euros for non-members of the responsible bodies and are incurred independent of the outcome of the review procedure.

Who is entitled to receive the engineerING card?

You will find detailed informationen here.

How can I submit my application?

Applications may only be submitted via online form. It is not possible to submit forms and documents via regular mail. Please read the instructions carefully before filling in the form. A careful preparation (hold ready scanned photos/documents/diplomas, etc.) may considerably expedite the application procedure.

How long does the application procedure take until final decision?

The Register Committee is in charge of the decision and holds two meetings a year. Depending on the time of submission of application and on the individual application, the entire process may take between three weeks and six months. You will receive a notice of status after submission of your application with an indication regarding the prospective time of procedure.

Who decides wether an engineerING card can be issued?

A Register Committee established especially for the engineerING card and composed of representatives from university and industry in the area of engineering decides wether an engineerING card can be issued according to national and international quality standards.

Can I already estimate my chances for a positive notice at the time of submitting the application?

Please go to Minimum Requirements for more information.

My application has been denied. May I resubmit the application for acceptance into the register? Do I need to pay the fee again?

Each negative notice includes written information on the reasons for the refusal. If deficits can be removed, a resubmission is in principle possible and will be treated as new application.


May I change or edit individual data at a later time?

You may change your personal data at any time. Amendments to studies, professional experience and further education may also made at any time, must be reviewed prior to updating.

Members of the responsible bodies do not incur a fee. Non-members are charged a fee of 20 Euros per amendment procedure.

Can my data be viewed publicly?

No, they cannot. In the case of a positive result you will receive the engineerING card and a password, with which you may download your personal register excerpt.

Is the engineerING card only valid for a fixed period of time?

Yes. The card has a validity period of 10 years.